If February is the breakup with winter, March is that horrible time right after. You know, that awkward phase where you're trying to convince yourself you're okay. Where you pack up Winter's things and hope to get them out of your space as fast as possible in hopes of moving on a little quicker. On the whole, you're getting better, but some days the rain and the tears set in, knocking you right back making it tough to even get out of bed. But it gets better. You slowly start to forget how awful it got, those bitter cold nights and relentless winds and start to look to the future of sunny days and flip flops. It's a tipping point in the healing process that you simply have to get through. On the other end of it, you know the flowers will come out, the salt will wash away, and your winter armor will be back in the closet where it belongs.


...that means April is flirting-with-the-new-guy kind of happiness, right? Sounds like a good kind of weather to me :) Hope Winter leaves you alone like a good ex should and lets you move on! 'Cause Winter is a much meaner ex up there than down here...

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